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Prusa Dev Diaries #2: How we made the heatbed silent

Dev Diaries

We continue with our series of articles, which give you a unique glimpse into the world of Prusa Research’s development, design and programming. In our last article, we explained how we tackled an improved Mesh Bed Leveling routine. This time, we’ll explain how we made the heatbed virtually silent. Silent operation is one of our […]

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Prusa Dev Diaries #1: Mesh Bed Leveling

Dev Diaries

We’ve promised that we would start publishing dev diaries to give you a unique opportunity to see what’s happening “behind the curtain” – and here’s the first one! Today, we’ll take a look at the Mesh Bed Leveling routine and the changes we made in recent firmware releases. This includes the new community-requested 7×7 Mesh […]

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