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3D printed lenses and other cool transparent objects


Lenses, crystals for lightsabers (not real ones, though), lampshades and many other useful things can be actually 3D printed using transparent filaments. However, it takes more than just using the correct filament. We’ll show you how to use your Original Prusa MK3S, MINI or even the SL1 to print awesome transparent objects. So let’s dive […]

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How to improve your 3D prints with annealing


Probably everyone involved in practical 3D printing has been thinking about improving the physical and mechanical properties of their prints. You could try out some special materials, but those are usually both expensive and hard to print. The only other obvious option is to tweak your print settings, which has its own limitations. Surely there […]

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3MF file format and why it’s great


The most common and universal file format for 3D printing is STL. It was released in 1987 and it’s dead simple. An STL file describes a raw, unstructured, triangulated surface. It doesn’t contain any scale, color or material information. There is no validation, it’s just a bunch of triangles, so it doesn’t prevent you from […]

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3D printed railway models, part III: The final model

In the first article, we’ve shown you several cool gadgets that make the creation of landscape a lot easier: We’ve used Original Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printers to create basic landscape parts, we’ve printed the body of the electrostatic grass applicator and also a simple tool for applying the track ballast. In the second article, […]

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How to print on a powder-coated sheet


You may have heard about the powder-coated sheets before – and no wonder! They are incredibly popular, we’ve sent over 18,000 of them to our customers and the demand is still huge. Today, we’ll take a close look at what makes these sheets unique and what are the differences compared to standard smooth sheets. Also, […]

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Print your own portable boombox


Portable speakers have become one of the modern trends in the field of electronic devices. Their main advantages are compactness, high power and often also being waterproof. However, their main disadvantage is a high price and sometimes also lower sound quality. So why don’t we make our own loudspeaker by own standards and at a […]

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