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Prusa Research and coronavirus outbreak: How important is to be two steps ahead


I’m sure many of you are already overwhelmed with all the news about the COVID-19 pandemic. However, after careful consideration, I decided to write this article and disclose what course of action we took in Prusa Research and how we managed to minimize the impact by staying ahead of the curve – this is mainly […]

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UPDATED April 2nd – From Design to Mass 3D printing of Medical Shields in Three Days

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Important information regarding updates We have originally published this article on March 18th, 2020 and since it had a great response, we kept on updating in with the latest information regarding 3D printed protective shields. Our open-source shield design became popular among 3D printing communities and people in the whole world joined forces to bring […]

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Black Friday: free shipping worldwide, free gifts with MK3S and SL1, and filament discounts + MINI shipping info

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We’re launching Black Friday deals in our e-shop – and it’s more than just free shipping this year! Also, I have some important news about the Original Prusa MINI 3D printer, which will start shipping in just a few days!   Black Friday deals are here Last year, our Black Friday deals were all about […]

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Original Prusa MINI is here: Smart and compact 3D printer for everyone!

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We still have a couple of weeks until the holiday season, but here’s an early gift for you: I’m excited to announce our brand new Original Prusa MINI, a smart and compact 3D printing workhorse with all the bells and whistles you’re accustomed to when you buy an Original Prusa 3D printer. While we know […]

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September Update: PrusaSlicer 2.1 with Undo/Redo is here, Sheet profiles and more!


Autumn is nearly upon us and even though Summer is usually the time for holidays and vacations, we’re pretty busy here in Prague! We’re releasing a new firmware, new materials, new PrusaSlicer versions… oh, and by the way, we also managed to set a new world record! 🙂 Curious to see what’s going on? Let’s […]

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Guinness World Record title: 1096 Original Prusa 3D printers running at the SAME TIME

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On August 16th, 2019, Prusa Research set a new world record for the Most 3D printers operating simultaneously with 1096 3D printers operating at the same time in one room. The record was officially confirmed by a representative of Guinness World Records. And here’s how it all happened! The “hold-my-beer” moment As many of you […]

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May 2019 Update: Original Prusa SL1 now shipping, Powder-coated sheets update, PrusaSlicer 2.0 and much more!


The first five months of 2019 are over and we have already released four big announcements. After MK3S and MMU2S in February, it was the launch of new community website and two weeks ago, we have released PrusaSlicer 2.0. However, that’s not all! This time, I’d like to talk about other things that have […]

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