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Create and print your own 3D jigsaw puzzles!

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3D printing provides the opportunity to make things that are not easily produced by other technologies, and literally change our possibilities. Thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of the community surrounding 3D printing, there are many interesting projects that use this technology for various purposes. Today, we would like to highlight one of these projects! [...]
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Does your newly assembled Original Prusa i3 MK3 print the best it can?


We did everything we could to ship as many printers as possible before Christmas, so you could find your own new 3D printer under the Christmas tree. Now is the time when many of you have an assembled printer and you are experimenting with your first 3D prints. And perhaps you’re wondering whether you have […]

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How to print maps, terrains and landscapes on a 3D printer

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From time to time, every 3D printer owner is asked the same question: “Why is the printer really good and useful? I cannot imagine what would I use it for.” I did not find a satisfactory answer to this simple question at first, because I don’t consider printing figures and statues as the right example. […]

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