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Father made a 3D printed arm for his son. Four inspirational stories about how our 3D printers help


A 3D printed arm designed to look like a part of Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit brought joy to the life of little Tommy Dengel and his family. Charles University in Prague bought our Original Prusa i3 printer to create custom-made and cost-efficient tools for research. Tens of thousands of our printers continue to extrude filament every […]

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10 handy little gadgets for beginners in 3D printing


Are you perhaps wondering, what kind of cool gadget you should print on your shiny new 3D printer? Definitely something useful! How about something that can help you to get rid of the ever-returning mess on your work desk? After seeing the success of our previous article about extruder visualizers, we have decided to prepare […]

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