How to slice 3D objects for the Original Prusa SL1 [updated with video guide]


It’s always like a little puzzle to solve: it starts with a 3D object, and then you’re trying to figure out how to rotate it, where to add supports and how to configure the print settings to achieve the best possible results. This process is called slicing and it’s an essential skill to learn if […]

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Prusa Printer Enclosure V2 – with MMU2S support


Our first 3D printer enclosure became incredibly popular – and naturally, once we released our new Multi Material Upgrade 2.0 and 2S, people started asking us for an updated enclosure that would accomodate the Original Prusa i3 MK3S (and 2.5S) 3D printer along with the MMU2S unit. So, here it is – and it’s better than […]

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How to print on a powder-coated sheet


You may have heard about the powder-coated sheets before – and no wonder! They are incredibly popular, we’ve sent over 18,000 of them to our customers and the demand is still huge. Today, we’ll take a close look at what makes these sheets unique and what are the differences compared to standard smooth sheets. Also, […]

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Print your own portable boombox


Portable speakers have become one of the modern trends in the field of electronic devices. Their main advantages are compactness, high power and often also being waterproof. However, their main disadvantage is a high price and sometimes also lower sound quality. So why don’t we make our own loudspeaker by own standards and at a […]

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