Midwest RepRap Festival 2015


Big shout out for SeeMeeCNC, organizers of MidWest RepRap Festival. They did it again so you can visit the fest this weekend March 20-22 in Goshen, Indiana! Unfortunately I can’t come, but you can meet the best and brightest US RepRappers over there. So don’t hesitate and register. Bring your printer, print something cool and […]

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Managing Prusa i3 3D printer farm (Part 1)

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Prusa3D is moving to the new larger offices, so I unfortunately didn’t have much time for PrusaPrinters last few days. But we are expanding and upgrading our printfarm to 16 printers and it brings some interesting challenges we are trying to solve. We have the printers separated from the main assembly room so they don’t disturb […]

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