Photogrammetry 2 – 3D Scanning simpler, better than ever!

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Creating a 3D model just by taking lots of pictures of a real object? Yes! Photogrammetry is back – and it’s easier to use, gives better results and it is still completely free! You’ve read our first article about Photogrammetry, right? A quick recap – using many pictures taken from all possible directions, photogrammetry software […]

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How to repair corrupted 3D models for printing

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You’d be surprised how many 3D models you can find on the internet are broken in some way. Modern slicers are pretty good at repairing the models without you even noticing. Nevertheless, sooner or later you’ll encounter a model with problems. The symptoms may vary. You might notice random top/bottom layers in the middle of […]

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Original Prusa i3 MK2 Multi Material Upgrade Release – Dual/Quad extrusion

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So 3D printing has pretty much been the same for the last couple of years. The technology is here and as I already said for many times, everyone (I can vouch only for me though) should be trying to make it as user friendly as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to explain this philosophy to […]

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